Two Silver Bangles

It was a busy, crowded street. As was the norm, she held my hand and walked, as she was scared of darkness and crowds. She stood transfixed, gazing onto something. I stopped, and followed her eyes. They gleamed in the bright sunlight, their stones emanating a glow of its own. Two silver bangles. I asked her to try them on, and she loved them. We bought them. Her eyes gleamed ,with the glow of a child with new balloons, and she clunk them the whole way back. As they say, happiness is short lived. What went wrong, and where, I don’t know. The sadness lurked, and it crept upon our lives as well. Curiosity gave way to morosity, and love, to something far from it. Nights were gloomy, dreary, dark. Painful part was that, it was lonely. On one such night, I heard noises. Of laughter, whispers. Thinking it was a dream, I waved it off. But it continued. I followed the sound, and it suddenly stopped. I saw silhouettes, of people. I inquired, and they sat still. There was a movement, and there was a scurry of activity. My thought process was stopped by a loud bang. It took a little time for me to understand that the bang sounded closer to me than I initially thought, it was my skull, getting crushed. Blood oozed, and my vision blurred. The last thing I remember ,was the familiar clink, and the last thing I saw were two silver bangles.


9 thoughts on “Two Silver Bangles

      • I agree, it is the beauty.. and this is what the stark reality of life is which is captured in this write up.

        But it is reminiscent of unnatural pain & happiness. Unnatural because this pain is untimely on ‘her’ -forced upon not by nature but by ill desires of someone else. So, it arouses emotions in me of disappointment.

        I don’t know but this writing piece of yours raises same emotions in me as the scenes from Ghajini – just before and after kalpana dies in the movie.

  1. An awesomely penned allegory there. It shows how a plot can be structured around a failed marriage and betrayal. Plus, kudos for an awesome title there – “2 little bangles”

  2. I loved how this story is inviting to further imagination. It doesn’t stop where it ends.
    You’ve taken peaks and troughs very seriously too.

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