Life In A Metro

I rush and squeeze myself into the metro in the nick of time, before the door closes. I sigh with relief, as my favourite spot- a nook near the door, from where I could observe the people inside, as well as lean onto the glassy screen, was vacant. Also, it is easier for me to get out, when I reach my stop. As I get my earphones on, I scan the compartment, for any cute guys to ogle at. Sigh, none. None at all.

As the music started drowning the sounds of the train, I slowly drift into the quintessential bored-train philosophy, thinking how we pass by a lot of people, share our personal space with them, yet know nothing about them. I wondered what stories these people have, what their dreams and aspirations are.

I spot a petite girl, sitting opposite to me. She wore a green coloured crumpled shirt. Careless? Or just plain lazy? She has tied her hair up, in a messy bun, which kinda looked cute. I should try that, sometime. Her eyes are swollen, with giant black circles. She must’ve been crying the whole night, a break-up? Maybe. And what is that red bruise ? Oh my God, did her guy hit her? That’s preposterous. The feminist in me rises, and growls like a lion. Or maybe it is my stomach, I had skipped breakfast. Good that she broke off; I am sure she must have.

On the other side of the train, the girl in the green shirt starts thinking. Her thoughts drift to the events of last night. Drat, I shouldn’t have been that drunk, I look like a mess. So drunk, that I fell down.. thank goodness my boyfriend was there with me. Also, why is that woman, with earphones staring at me?


4 thoughts on “Life In A Metro

  1. Beautiful 🙂
    Sparked a different series of thoughts in my head.
    Our past experiences and the environment we live in
    affects our intuitions and deductions we make
    in all the situations we face.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      That is true, but I wanted to show how we make snap judgements about people we know nothing about. The other person might have a different story altogether! 🙂

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